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BELLA PD Workshop May 23, 2023



Session One

Orientation to BELLA Instructional Strategies

Bella Instructional Strategies

Say It Move It

Blend As You Go

supplementary materials

BELLA Instructional Strategies & Resources
BELLA Strategies and the NC Standard Course of Study
Strategies by Proficiency

Say It, Move It

Blend As You Go

Letters for Word Boxes

Session Two

Vocabulary Strategies

BElla Vocab Strategies

Teaching cognates

Frayer model

supplementary materials

Frayer Model


Vocabulary Text Talk

Frayer Model

Session Three

BELLA collaboration model

Aligning content and strategies

Collaboration Model

supplementary materials

Session Four

Cultural wealth 

Building on families’ strengths; asset-based approach

Cultural Wealth

Mi Maleta

supplementary materials

Latin American Countries

Session Five

Modified DRA

Session 5: Modified DRA

supplementary materials

Session Six

Application of Cultural wealth 

Application of Cutural Wealth

supplementary materials

Do You Know About Birds?